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Cmore "Phantom" screen refuses to be deleted.

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  • Cmore "Phantom" screen refuses to be deleted.

    Problem started a while ago with EA7-T15C Ver 2.78+SP2 that had been in use for some time. A certain screen, 134, showed up twice in the screen navigation panel. I deleted one of the instances 134. The second instance remained as screen 134 but the background color as well as all the objects had been replaced by the color and objects of the next screen, 135. This phantom screen 134 can not be deleted, it doesn't show up in the delete screen dialog box. While all of this is annoying to say the least, it doesn't cause operational problems. Now the panel is to be replaced with EA9-T15C-R. I opened the EA7 file with Cmore 641 and the phantom 134 screen came along. I really don't want to send out a new panel with an old problem but having to rebuild the entire panel will make the job prohibitively expensive. Any thoughts on causes or cures would be appreciated.
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    I remember having problems with Catalyst Control Center Hydravision Desktop Manager causing some strange problems in the Screen Preview window. If you have this on your PC, try disabling the Desktop Manager. See the attached screenshot.
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      Thanks for the input. I failed to mention the problem shows up on both of my computers. I'm just going to write it off as another quirk.


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        perhaps selectively exporting will get around this?