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Cmore Visual Refresh Rate too fast

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  • Cmore Visual Refresh Rate too fast

    Hi I have a Cmore EA9 hooked up to a DL06 PLC with analogue card and load cell - On the HMI the reading from the load cell is refreshing very fast showing minute fluctuations, is there a way to smooth or slow this down?

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    Well, I have never heard of anyone complain about their HMI updating too fast. But you could try changing the poll time in the protocol setup. It would reduce the update of everything on the panel, even the touch response but it might give you what you want.


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      Instead of reading from the memory address the load cell feeds into you should copy that memory address to a different one. Either at a set time interval, so the update only happens every so often, or with an averaging filter so you see a smoother signal and to slow it down for you. Have the HMI read this second memory address instead of the raw value.


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        I'd also be looking to filter the analog signal, rather than slowing the refresh rate of the HMI.


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          Look at the FILTERB IBox (Filter Over Time Binary IB-402). If it's BCD, use FILTER IBox (BCD version).
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