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Replacing our EA7-S6MR

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  • Replacing our EA7-S6MR

    Good day,

    Our EA7-S6MR went out this weekend after a power outage.Has an error code we seen before after an outage. We toggled power before and it came back up, not this time.Shows this on the display.

    No system found in panel.

    Please update the panel using Recovery Mode in Programing Software.

    Problem is I can not communicate with it. When I do try, the the steady red light( CPU) in the back starts to blink. When power is toggled it boots up green, then turns red.

    So I am trying to find an easy replacement. This unit here was a replacement of an EZ touch we had, and this is the c-more counterpart replacement.Automation gives me 2 replacement options, "Please consider EA9-T6CL-R or EA9-T7CL-R as a replacement". A few questions I have are.

    1. Can I use the C more software Version 1.12 Build 06.18E to convert/load the program we have now?

    2. The mounting of it will work in its now panel cut out?

    3. Which is the best replacement between the 2 recommended ones? I have a very simple program on ours.

    Thanks, Kevin

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    Tons of them available on ebay if you just want to toss in a used one and be on your way.


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      Easiest would be the EA9-T6CL-R. It should drop right in physically. I replaced an EA7-T6CL with an EA9-T6CL last week. Mounting clips are different but smaller. Hole size the same. You can upgrade from old C-more software for free. The program should load right into the new software. No resolution changes required. You might want to update to colors in your objects, but it's not required.

      I would pick the 7 inch if it were a new project. They are right nice. And if you don't mind playing with the resolutions or just letting it stretch them or put dead zones at the ends, it will also fit in the same hole. Open the EA7 project with newest C-more software and it will automatically convert it for you to the EA9-T6CL. You can then change it to the 7 inch in Panel Manager and tell it how to adjust the screens.


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        The newer EA9-T7CL has way more features and resolution and fits the same cutout size in a panel as the EA9-T6CL and EA7-S6M

        As for software, Id bet you can convert your project fairly easily to the newer software versions for the newer panels. I would try downloading the latest software and opening the old panels program that you have before you buy anything. If it works fine then the new 7" panel is probably the best bet, it is nearly the same price as used EA7's are, and cheaper than the EA9 6"