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Issues Connecting to FTP Server

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  • Issues Connecting to FTP Server

    Are there any additional steps needed to make the FTP server on an EA9 function, other than Setup -> Panel Network... -> FTP Service, setting username/password and then saving and downloading to the panel?

    If I go to Panel -> FTP Server, a page pops up in my browser that says site cannot be reached.

    If I try to create a session using WinSCP, it seems to connect, but I get an error "Could not retrieve directory listing". Basically when WinSCP tries to retrieve the directory structure on the EA9, it can't succeed in doing so, or at least this appears to be the problem.

    Web Server functions correctly.

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    Some additional info. I have connected to another FTP Server to confirm that my firewall is not blocking FTP connections. I can also run a netstat command and see that connection on port 21 has been "ESTABLISHED".

    Any ideas?

    Network topology is a PC, EA9, BRX PLC, and a Yokogawa DCS all connected to an unmanaged switch.
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      New development. If I change WinSCP config to connect with Passive Mode turned off, then I can see the "Built-in_Flash" directory on the gui, but can't navigate out of it.

      Attached are the WinSCP log files. It appears that certain commands are not recognized.

      With passive mode active, the first fail is at the line:
      > 2018-12-13 10:47:56.460 FEAT
      < 2018-12-13 10:47:56.511 502 Invalid command.

      With passive mode turned off (active mode), the first fail comes when I try to change the working directory on the gui:
      . 2018-12-13 10:54:37.882 Changing directory to "Built-in_Flash".
      > 2018-12-13 10:54:37.886 CWD Built-in_Flash
      < 2018-12-13 10:54:37.933 550 Built-in_Flash: Requested action not taken.
      * 2018-12-13 10:54:37.934 (ECommand) Error changing directory to 'Built-in_Flash'.
      * 2018-12-13 10:54:37.934 Built-in_Flash: Requested action not taken.
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        ....and we have liftoff!

        Using Windows Command Prompt ftp functionality, I am able to connect and navigate folder structure. When WinSCP tried to CWD to "Built-in_Flash" there was no slash, using the command prompt I was able to get into it via a "cd /Built-in_Flash" command. Not sure if that was the cause, but is now working (sort of).

        A list of commands in case you need it:

        Also attached is the command sequence to navigate to, read to local disk, and then write to remote disk the index.html file. Also a screen capture of my custom addition.
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          A quick addition to up the convenience factor. I was able to get WinSCP working by doing the following:

          - Turn off Passive Mode.
          - Configure the default remote directory to be the 'root' directory.

          In WinSCP, select FTP from the drop-down menu, then click on the "Advanced..." button. Attached images show the required configuration changes.

          Thanks to everyone in this thread that made it happen
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            Nice, thanks for the extended information.


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              This fixed my issue. Thanks for the detailed post!


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                Sorry to drudge up an older post, but I'm having the same problem as above, but using FTP to get into USB storage.

                I'm using WinSCP in passive mode. I'm able to connect to Build-in_Flash/root...

                but I want to get into USB_Pen_Memory. I can see the directory in the root folder, but when I change to it, it gives me the error: "Error changing directory to 'USB_Pen_Memory'".

                Any ideas? Is connecting to the USB flash drive via FTP even implemented?