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c-more t6cl please point me in the right direction

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  • c-more t6cl please point me in the right direction

    Hi, I have various timers in my PLC program that i would like to change the values of with my HMI,
    My thought process was to add a numeric entry button on the HMI and then assign it to the tag of a designated timer: Td99 for example
    I can enter a value in the numeric entry field, but when i run my program it automatically uses the time specified in the plc program and the number in the NE field just counts up. How do i get it to change to whatever i want the value to be as the amount of time?
    Probably a noob question, but i am a noob.
    Thanks for your help.

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    TD99 would be the current value of timer T99. If you wish to change the preset of the timer use the address in the Setpoint field of timer 99. this should be a ds address. The TD adress will reset when the timer resets.


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      Alright, so i figured out how to access the timer set points, and i programmed them into my code in various subroutines. i have 4 different subroutines in the middle of my code that are activated by turning on an output y bit, by pressing a correlated button in my HMI.

      my problem now is that my timer values, td99 for example are being retained and are not resetting: i have one set at 15000 milliseconds for example, it hits 15,000, activates the bit, and then goes to 1774 randomly and then stops and stays there. so that when my code comes around for another cycle it thinks the timer has already completed and skips a step in the code.
      how do i go about getting my timer to reset back to zero?


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        without a bit of plc code, we can speculate!

        there are two type of people in the world, those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.