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Line Trend Graph, Any Tricks to Increase Sampling Rate?

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  • Line Trend Graph, Any Tricks to Increase Sampling Rate?

    Good morning,

    I am finding good use out of the Trend feature in Studio Logix 5000. I wanted to replicate this in Automation Direct EA9 panel, but I found the sampling rate as 1 sample / sec, whereas in the PLC program I have 1 sample / 10 ms. Are there any tricks to increasing the sampling rate? I am comparing the depth of a plug cylinder to pressure exerted on the plug as the cylinder pushes the plug into the part.


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    I don't know if the 1 second thing is a hard limit on the EA9 units, but if it isn't you can also use the trigger tag. Depending on the PLC there should be various built in 100msec, 50msec, etc. blinkers, or whatever they are called, or you could always roll your own with a timer, or a drum.


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      I implemented your suggestion by using a timer triggering every 100 ms, turning on a trigger tag for the graph to map my data, but it does not trigger on the HMI every 100 ms as you said. It seems the same, about 1 sample / sec. I'm unsure why it's not working properly. Is there another trick around this?



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        About the best you can get is ~200ms. It's not a DAQ.
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