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Trend lines and Numeric display

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  • Trend lines and Numeric display

    This is a home project I had working until I made a change...and forgot what I had prior to. Yes, an old age syndrome.

    I have a GS2 (connected to my well pump), an EA9-T6CL and a CLICK CO-11ARED all connected via my local network. The HMI can read the GS2. I read the feedback for PSI to a numeric display. It reads correctly. Using that same source to a line trend graph puts that line at the Max axis range of the graph be it 50 or 500. ??

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    Is the HMI set to a certain number of decimals?
    25.00 on the HMI would be a number of 2500, which would be over the 500 range.


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      Yes, it is set to two decimal places. I found an earlier version that got me back in operation and I see it operates with an axis of 600. HZ and PSI graph in the hundreds but amps in the 3.6 range as indicated in the numeric display.

      Thank you, that will get back on track.