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Setting CMore Clock with Brx, how to get clock to update...

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  • Setting CMore Clock with Brx, how to get clock to update...

    I am trying to set the CMore Clock via a Brx PLC.
    Clock source is set to external in the CMore.
    Date and Time tags point to V registers in PLC
    Synchronize Schedule is not checked (should keep updating values according to help file).
    I can see the V registers (Hours, Mins, Sec) have current and good data on the Brx side, but the clock on the Cmore is not updating.
    I also tried to do a TOBCD conversion on the V registers that are being read by the Cmore, still no luck.
    What am a missing that will update the CMore clock to the values I am setting the V registers to in the PLC. All other functions between CMore and PLC are working fine.
    Things like read present screen number, and set screen number work fine, so I know passing variables is working.

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    set up a schedule and try to synchronize.


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      Problem solved.
      If there is a value out of range in any of the 6 fields for Date and Time, the C-More does nothing, no update of time.
      Turns out, I had Date, and Day confused when I cast the variables in the Brx. It all became very apparent when I temporarily put up the 6 variables on the C-More to see what it was seeing.


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        Bravo! Thank you for sharing