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Keypad in C-More 6.42

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  • Keypad in C-More 6.42

    In my project with EA9-T7CL using 6.42, I have total 8 numeric data entry points in 2 separate screens, plus one password entry to open a screen, which use EA9 System Default 0 keypad.

    Then I decided to define a new keypad in order to make buttons bigger (I didn't know "Display Large Keypad on Panels" setting then).
    After defining new keypad, and testing on one of the screens with simulation, I changed all numeric entry buttons to use this new keypad, and when I tested on the panel, none of them was working, only system keys (ESC, CLEAR etc) works, but 0-9 buttons do not work).

    I changed keypad to system default 0 back again on ONE screen, and verified with simulation that it works, and updated all my screens with System Default 0 back. Now none of them works...

    Could you please advise ASAP what am I missing here?