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  • mwdkmpr
    Try exporting the tags to a spreadsheet. Change them from INTERNAL to the DEV# and give them an address. Then import them back to Cmore.

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  • Glen Walker
    started a topic Tag Replacement

    Tag Replacement

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a simpler way to replace tags on a CMore Display. I have several "User Objects", premade screens & faceplates that the tags are all set as internal. When I use one of these faceplates I need to replace the internal tags with the actual tags for the application, and it would make life so much easier if we could just do a tag replacement instead of having to manually go through each object and replace them. Anyone know of a easier way of doing this? Some of these screens we use may have 70 or 80 objects that need to be re-addressed.

    Any ideas?