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CMore EA9 pass through connecting 4 HMIs

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  • CMore EA9 pass through connecting 4 HMIs

    We have a standard piece of equipment that has a 15" EA9 connected to a DL06 plc. We have an order for four of the units and are planning to share a few 4-20ma level inputs between them. Can we simply connect the four Cmores together with an Ethernet cable as long as each plc gets its own device number? Will the network slow down the Cmore's response time noticeably? Any other cons to doing it that way?

    I searched and couldn't find much detail about the pass through in the manual or online. Did I miss it in there? Is there a video or manual specifically addressing the details about setting up and using the pass through feature?

    Thanks for any guidance.

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    You seem to be saying you will have four hmi units. Do you also have multiple plcs? (Each plc gets its own device number). Using Ethernet each unit (plc and hmi) will have a unique IP address. They will be connected via an Ethernet switch. There is no 'pass through' needed. You may need to adjust the refresh rate on the hmi units to prevent one hogging the network.



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      Based on my reading of the communications overview pdf, you can use "panel pass-through" to set up multiple HMI panels to exchange data to read/write data to any of the connected PLCs even if the connection is serial (the HMIs will be on an Ethernet network). I have not done this, but it looks pretty straightforward to set up:


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        Bernie, yes there are 4 DL06 plcs each connected to their own CMore. If we go with Ethernet, the CMores will only be connected to each other so I assume we wouldn't need a managed switch, is that correct?

        Okie, we used the pass through once before from one CMore to another in order to read a tank level and it worked fine, but I'm concerned how it would work with 4 CMores. It does sound like the ethernet way is the better choice.

        I'm trying to hook up with a local integrator to help us with this project since it has to be done correctly from the start (the equipment is going overseas).

        Thanks guys!