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  • EA9 Event Message Box

    I am wondering if anybody knows how to get a message box in an Event to go away automatically after a set amount of time, instead of requiring the operator to press OK? I have a start delay during which I want a message displayed, but then want it to go away when the time has run out. Currently the message box is set to show when the .TT bit is true.

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    Use a couple compares. Time >1 and <6.


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      Thanks for the reply, Tom@Pton. However, this doesn't seem to work for me. I have a message box and a sound set to go on when the .ACC is between a certain range, as suggested. The sound stops when outside of the range, but the message box stays on the screen until the OK button is pressed. I ended up just using a static text object and set it's visibility based on the .DN tag, seems to work fine.