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EA9 - need a text box to display a choice of several different words/phrases/strings

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  • EA9 - need a text box to display a choice of several different words/phrases/strings

    Hi, I was assuming this wouldn't be an issue but I can't find a way to make a text box (its a machine status readout) where the message or phrase (an ASCII string in the PLC program) will change based on an integer value in the PLC.
    Additionally, if I try to utilize messages from the message database in the HMI, I still can't seem to program the HMI to change the message in the box when needed (based onthings happening when the machine is running).
    The Dynamic Text object configuration options don't give the option to add more than one string. What am I missing?
    I would much prefer to have it display various strings from the PLC, rather than messages stored in the HMI. But I would take either.

    Perhaps I will have to create a text box that displays the string in a fixed PLC address, for example ST14:2 and then in the PLC logic, copy whatever string is needed to that location ? I may have just answered my own question.....??
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    If the phrasing of the messages will be constant, try a MultiState Text Indicator Object.
    Add the phrases to the multistate (Messages Tab) and then change a tag in PLC (say N7:0) to select which message you need to display.
    In the Multistate Text Indicator Object dialog, select Displayed Messages are Based on (o) Message Number.

    You could try the Dynamic Text Object.
    In a different table (eg. ST20) - add all your messages (of same length) and then make a pointer into that table like ST20:[N7:0]
    ST20:0  --------------Leave this field empty for HMI message
    ST20:1  A frog went a-courtin' and he did ride, M-hm, M-hm.
    ST20:2  A frog went a-courtin' and he did ride,
    ST20:3  Sword and pistol by his side, M-hm, M-hm.
    The select the appropriate message by changing the value in an N register and COPy .
    I do not have a SLC/CLX that I can test this on. But something like this
    .--+             +---------------------------------------+  COP
    .  |     N7:0    |                                       |  #ST20:[N7:0]
    .  |     0       |                                       |  #ST20:0
    .  +-------------+                                       |   ? (whatever this length should be)
    .                                                        +---------------------------------------
    .--------------------------------------------------------+   MOV (don't remember if MOV or COP is correct)
    .                                                        |   0
    .                                                        |   N7:0
    .                                                        +--------------------------------------
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      Awesome, the multi state text indicator is just what I needed. I didn't even see that....thanks so much.