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EA9 Sudden "Not Enough Buffer Memory" Pop Ups

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  • EA9 Sudden "Not Enough Buffer Memory" Pop Ups

    I have a C-More that has been in service for a couple years that just started doing this. What could be causing this behavior? Everything is working fine, other than this message repeatedly appearing.

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    I haven't experienced anything like that yet. Do you have any data logging in the HMI . The SD card might be full. I would need to chech the manual to be sure


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      Yes. There are a 5 different strip charts that are logging data. I clear out the SD card every two weeks, so it's never even close to full. Been that way since this unit came online.


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        Sounds like you are logging faster than the panel can write. How many pens and how fast are you logging? Ever missing any data?

        You can reduce the logging rate or look into reformatting the SD card with the formatter from Or maybe a new SD card will help.


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          The shortest logging interval is 5 minutes. Never missed a single data point. Now suddenly the unit is refusing FTP connections. Something weird is going on.


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            We had a EA9 do this last fall. Turns out that the Panel wasnt seeing the SD Card to write too all of the time (wasnt seated well enough) and would buffer the data. Ended up ejecting the SD Card and installing a new one and the problem was cured.