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EA9, what happens to logs when operator deletes events?

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  • EA9, what happens to logs when operator deletes events?

    I have a bunch of "tattle tale" alarm events which are intended to provide a historical account of what the operator did, and when. There are probably going to be lots of these generated in a shift and I expect they will become overwhelming to the operator. Any normal person will probably delete them. If they get deleted, are they also deleted from the log files saved to USB? I need that historical record to be saved to USB no matter what. The operator should be able to delete them from his screen for sanity's sake, but not from the USB logged events. I can't find any clues in the help file or software as to what will happen upon the "delete" function being activated from the alarms screen.

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    Sorry, I used the word "delete" which can lead to confusion. I meant "clear" as in the "clear all" button. Will pressing that button erase alarm events from the USB log file?


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      So far as I can tell the Log files cannot be modified. Only written to and then retrieved by FTP or Email.


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        I log a lot of events that do not require any action by the operator unless it requires immediate attention. Clearing or acknowledging them never removes them from storage. Data is emailed on demand or every day at a set time, but it’s still there.