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C-more panel remote access from Mac Book

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  • C-more panel remote access from Mac Book


    One client asks for the way to use Mac Book to operate the panel, but I don't know. I used to use a Windows computer running the program like: "RemoteHMI_IP=[].exe".

    Is there a program for iOS?

    Or is the "Remote HMI" app for iPhone works on iOS?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Have you tried to just type in the IP address in the web browser and see what happens?


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      Hi Levi. No, I don't have a Mac Book.


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        There's a program called WineBottler, which will take the .exe file and wrap it with the necessary libraries to get it to run on a mac. I've had limited success with it, but only one of my customers runs MacOS, so I haven't spent the time to get it fully running. If someone here is able to do that and package it into the right format for Mac, I'm sure the mods would let you post a link to it for everyone else, since it would really be helpful for that small percentage of customers.


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          Thank you Frontier. So, MacOS is not supported so far. I mistook iOS as MacOS. I was thinking yesterday if the client wants to pay for it I could install a windows virtual machine. But I will dig a little more in running a windows program on Mac Book.