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Trying to write to ramp set point value????

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  • Trying to write to ramp set point value????

    Ok I`m wanting to write a setpoint value to the ramp instruction in my program but the setpoint value is not a tag I can write to or can`t figure how to. I can write to the output or step number Also I can`t seem to write to a timer preset value? I have a ea3 t6cl and p2-550plc

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    Did you import your tags from the P2-550 to the EA3-T6CL project?

    What happens when you try to write to the Tag?


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      Hey Bob I think that's where I`m messed up I have a value there not a tag. MY ramp block has set point value 205 degrees ramp time 44 min soak 0 So I don`t have a tag for set point value its a number. SO do I make a tag labeled setpoint value? Kinda lost here.


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        Yes I have imported and exported tags that I have. Like my timer it has preset value of 30 sec. Its a number I want to change the number but I don`t have a way to write to it preset value is not a tag.


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          I think you did correctly - if the preset is fixed, you just change step number, and different step number gives different presets.


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            You need to have tags in the setpoint for the ramp instruction and the Preset for the timer instruction. If they are constant values they cannot be changed.(except with the GUI editor) If you choose the "Use Structure" box and then enter a structure name in the field the software will create the tags. Then export the tags from the plc and import to the cnicro and use the tag created for the setpoint and the timer preset for the numeric entry object on the cmicro.


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              OK thanks once again I did create some tags and in simulate mode seems to be working.I will post tomorrow the results. Thanks again everyone here. You guys are awesome.