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ViewMarq Modbus command buffer contents

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  • ViewMarq Modbus command buffer contents


    Could someone please give me some basic guidance on how I should use the Modbus command buffer registers in the ViewMarq LED display system ?

    For example if I want to send <ID 1><DO 6> to the ViewMarq so that it displays message 6 from the stored message list, do I simply convert each ASCII character and store the values in consecutive registers in the Modbus command buffer area?

    Like this:

    Register - Value

    411000 - 060
    411001 - 073
    411002 - 068
    411003 - 032
    411004 - 049
    411005 - 062
    411006 - 060
    411007 - 068
    411008 - 079
    411009 - 032
    411010 - 054
    411011 - 062

    Any advice would be appreciated

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    Have you looked at ch 7 in the manual? Some pretty good examples in there.


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      Yes I've had a look and the examples are very good for the PLC's featured but there's not much information on using the buffer directly with 'other' PLCs. My ViewMarq display should be arriving tomorrow so I guess I'll have to just give it a try and see what happens.


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        All up and running now with a CoDeSys 3.5.9 controller - it took a bit of fiddling with Byte Swaps and address offsets but fairly straightforward in the end.

        I'm very impressed with the ViewMarq display - good quality, with a bright clear LED array. The programming software is excellent and a joy to use