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C-More update Project via Remote access

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  • C-More update Project via Remote access

    I have various C-Mores on different sites.

    Is there a way to do Remote Project updates (i.e. Send a Project) ?

    When you "Send a Project", what Port # is used?

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    I worked out the answer myself...
    1. (a) Go into Remote Router Admin Page and add Port Forwarding for the Local C-More i.e. (Port 9999 will be the Project Transfer Port)
    2. Now to the C-More Changes: Project Transfer -> Select Ethernet ->Browse
    3. (A) Remote Link List Tab (b) Add a new entry
    4. On the New Entry page (a) Add new HMI Name (b) add the Remote IP address of Router ***Note the Port Number** (usually 9999)
    Now you can Transfer a project across the world to a C-More without leaving your desk.


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      With great power comes great responsibility.
      All caveats *(express and implied)* apply when exposing equipment to the internet.


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        How are making your remote connection? I am looking at how to do this. I did not invest any time yet but it is really something I will need to do.