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Ea3-t6cl using dynamic text

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  • Ea3-t6cl using dynamic text

    Hello I have used look up text to display messages about what a machine is doing, But I found when I have message 1 displayed for example open door it stays displayed until I write a zero to the message data base. I`m wondering can I use dynamic text so it will only display a message when the tag is true. Now I`m using copy data and send a number to the tag but don`t seem to understand how to set up a message base with dynamic text. Thanks in advance for some insight.

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    The above post may help you out.
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      The recipe is a powerful way to use dynamic text. 1-999 numeric values translate into a large array of Text, discrete and numeric values. I used it as a rudimentary login and each machine a user has access to carries a 1. If you are interested I can share some of my project.



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        That would be great. See now I`m using look up text and always have to keep up with the last message sent because it retains it so I have to constantly be mind full of writing a zero to it to clear it. So I just didn`t understand how I can have more than one message with dynamic text. An example would be great. I`d like to use dynamic text say for example if tag door 1 open display that in dynamic text. And if vessel over temp occurs display that message as well. I just didn`t see how to create a message data base for this Thank you I`m new with programming.