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CMORE EA9-T7CL-R Panel Error Code PLC-498 Hex Value 0x100000

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  • CMORE EA9-T7CL-R Panel Error Code PLC-498 Hex Value 0x100000

    Model: EA9-T7CL-R
    Firmware: V6.42
    Communication Protocol: Ethernet/IP Micrologix 1100
    Object: Text Entry
    Target of Tag: ST21:1
    Error: Panel Error Code PLC-498 Hex Value 0x100000 Illegal command or format. Typical error received from PLC when addressed requested to the PLC does
    not exist. Usually occurs if memory map has not been expanded in PLC to the range requested from panel.
    PLC: Micrologix 1100 Series B

    I can enter in a value to the text entry field and hit enter I receive this error. Everything else on the panel is communicating correctly. I have tried changing the Length attribute of the string to match the value in the Tag database on my Ascii String in the Cmore with no luck. Nothing I have tried seems to be working.

    I have gone into the PLC and entered data into this file and the Cmore will display it in the text entry object but will not write. The File exists in the memory in my PLC program.

    This is my first post so I hope this is the appropriate location to post this.
    Anyone have any thoughts or am I missing needed information.


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    I have no AB experience but I have received this error when using a GE PLC. With GE, when configuring the CPU it is required to assign a maximum number of memory locations, 2048 discrete inputs, 512 analog outputs, etc. If a tag in the C-More tagname database is referenced to a memory location outside those limits, this error is generated as that memory location literally does not exist within the PLC. Not sure if AB works the same way.


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      I've only seen that when the Address was not configured in the PLC, or I forgot to download the project that had the address configured to the PLC . That one will get you every time.

      But sounds like you have done everything correctly. Have you asked ADC tech support?


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        Talked to Tech Support very helpful in trying to figure out what could be the issue but could not come to a conclusion as to why the error is occurring. Thanks for your input!


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          I have had a similar problem using AB PLC's with a C-more . Try adding a single rung in the PLC program to MOV a constant to an address somewhat higher than the one used by the C-more.
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            The String data type in a Micrologix can be tricky to map correctly. The data lays out with a length field first (ST12:1.LEN), followed by the characters as bytes (ST12:1.DATA[0] through ST12:1.DATA[LEN] ). Your HMI driver might be trying to write to those fields incorrectly. At one time, the older A/B HMIs required you to specify the sub-element of the ST file element. In Panelbuilder32 (for Panelview Standard HMIs) you would access the characters by using a tag address of ST12:1.1 To access the string length you would use ST12:1.0

            So, you might try appending your tag address with a ".1" and see if that works.


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              Can you do a wireshark capture?