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Any plans for time limited EA9 Simulation with PLC Comms?

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  • Any plans for time limited EA9 Simulation with PLC Comms?

    It is now 2019. I asked the same question when EA7 was in it's teenage years. At the time, I had a project with over 2,500 tags (Compactlogix to C-more) with over 24 HMI stations. (6 HMI's per system). It was a painful development experience where I could not connect the PLC to the HMI sim. Manually toggling 2,000+ tags is not ever an option during development nor during debug. Nor should it EVER BE! So we charged the customer an arm an a leg and went with PanelView +6 systems for that particular project. Not ideal, nor am I a fan of them. But they allowed me to run a time limited demo during development and for future support, where the SIM had the capability to talk and interact directly with the PLC.

    Why not with C-more software?

    If I had that ability, all my customer base would have C-more HMI's.

    The new EA9 HMI 15" to boot.

    Why the hesitation?

    A two hour timed demo sim is more than adequate to test out a complex application.

    This should be a simple task for C-more engineers. (in fact, after bit of snooping around, it seems to be already in place but not made available to us end user peons.) Why not?

    Failing that, how about some sort of a script option where one can dynamically load values in to sim registers from a CSV file? Sub-classing windows and snooping using spy++ to write values on to the simulator grid windows, got really really tiresome, frustrating and messy. Abandoned that effort along with C-more platforms some time ago.

    But as of late....

    I really like the EA9. Specially the 15 incher.

    Come on C-more, how about a time limited sim that can talk to a PLC?
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    ++1 for Spy++!
    Used it years ago to assist me in a vb program to 'automate' some drill-down junk is SAP


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      This is one of about a dozens reasons why I have to be bribed to use anything not made by Red Lion for HMI. Crimson 3.0 has an incredible emulator that does everything except data logging and email alerts, so I can almost fully test my work in advance. Crimson 3.1 will have its new and improved emulator very soon too I hope. But since I can import from 3.0 to 3.1, I still start development work with 3.0 in many cases just because of the priceless emulator feature. I have several nicknames for the Panelview+ that are not helpful, some are NSFW so I will restrain myself...