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CMORE Popup Window Frame Object - Failing Sporadically On Busy Screen

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  • CMORE Popup Window Frame Object - Failing Sporadically On Busy Screen

    I am having an issue with a project I am working on in CMORE Ver 6.41 On an EA9-T15CL-R Panel. (P2000 PLC As Controller - V3.3.0 Productivity Suite)

    I have a lot of popup windows in my project and I am using the "Popup Window Frame" Object to display these on various pages. The popups are called with internal tags which are set by clicking on a device which triggers the popup, the trigger tag is then reset from within the popup on a close button.

    For the most part this works fine however recently I have been noticing that popups will not show up (even though I confirm that the trigger tag is true by displaying it on the screen with an indicator object). the popup will not show at all in some cases.

    I have found sometimes navigating to another screen then returning causes the popup to then appear because the trigger tag is still set true, this is a problem as the popups are used for operator device control and in cases where they need to turn a device off the popup needs to appear.

    This also only appears to occur on pages that have quite a lot of objects on them, for example it happens on my main project overview page which contains a lot of animation and clickable objects, whereas on some less populated pages it does not appear to be a problem.

    Also when It appears to come right you can click on the popups with no problems.... then navigating to another page and returning again will occasionally stop it working.

    Anybody encountered this before?

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    Looks like a couple of Popup window bugs were fixed in the last release. You should give that a try.


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      Thanks for that,
      I can confirm that CMORE Ver 6.42 fixes this issue as I have upgraded my project this morning.
      Automation Direct Tech Support also confirmed this for me.