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C-More Programming Software will not allow me to import .CSV tag database

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  • C-More Programming Software will not allow me to import .CSV tag database

    I am trying to import the tags from my PLC program into my HMI project, but the software just keeps giving me errors. The PLC program is from an SLC 5/03, the software used for the PLC program is RSLogix500. I exported my tag database to a .CSV file, but when I try to import the tags I get Error GUI-185: Import File is already opened or corrupted. Please check the file and import again. The file is not open and I can open it with no issues so I don't think it is corrupted either. I have tried remaking the .CSV and it still does not work.

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    The problem I have had with that Error, is when Excel is still open on that file.. Close Excel and try it..



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      This may be a permissions or access issue. Just as a test, try the following:
      Save your C-More project and .CSV file to a location like Desktop. From there, open the C-More project and attempt the import of the .CSV file that also resides on your Desktop. If it does, I suspect permissions/access issue. If not, you may have something bigger going on.

      Just for clarity, in RSLogix500 you’re going from Tools > Database > ASCII Export... correct?


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        I don't believe you can import a RSLogix CSV tag file directly in to a C-More Panel without first putting it in to the CSV format that C-more understands. At least I was not able to many years ago. I haven't worked with RS500 in years, so things may have changed. Can you post a partial screen shot of the tag file with the headers in tact?


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          Click image for larger version

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            Note: The CSV exported from RSLogix will only contain elements which have either a Symbol Name or a Description field. If an address is used but is unassigned then it will not be listed in the CSV export. Upon Importing the C-more Tag Name will become the Symbol Name, if there is not a Symbol Name the Description Fields will be used as the C-more Tag Name