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  • C'More EA9 Recipe Function

    I'm having serious trouble trying to get the recipe function to work. I'm using an EA9-15" with a Productivity 2000 plc.

    My "recipe" consists of about 100 tags, both numeric and discrete, I have populated the header row of the recipe database sheet with the tag names picked from the Tag Database, but now I don't know what happens next.

    What I need is when the customer opens this sheet they enter a name (alpha numeric) and hit save and the recipe populates from the current values on the HMI. Conversely, when the customer wants to load a record they select a Name and it loads the values to the screens/PLC.

    It seems to me that the recipe sheet wants me to pre-fill all the records before hand, we are an OEM and that is just not going to happen.

    I need a much more detailed set of instructions on how this is supposed to operate, the "help" file is useless and the phone support is just about the same on this subject.

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    Attached is a quick walk through of screen captures I just threw together. Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of the features. I believe the Recipe Object will accomplish what you're trying to achieve.
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      Thanks for the information. It helped me to at least get some results.

      I can enter a name, and I can ask it to read the PLC, it says it saves it (don't know where), but when I go to load (I've made 2 records with different settings on the screens) nothing changes.

      Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?


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        If you're interested I'm attaching the program files. 0500-xxxR-0419 -


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          How about you init the spreadsheet with default 0 or off?


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            Or don't put anything in the recipe let the customer insert rows first before they enter any values.

            I tried your program it works, but there are some tags not have correct addresses.


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              Sorry for the delay. I'm fairly new to the AD programming and I don't understand what needs to be done to get this to work.
              I've been programming PLC for 35 years, generally it's a simple matter, but the instructions to get this to work are very poor.
              I really don't want the customer (operators) to have to do anything really more complicated than pushing the Read PLC button or the Load button and for a new record just fill in the name.
              I know there has to be a more detailed pile of information out there somewhere.