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Changing data types

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  • Changing data types

    Why, after years and years of software releases, is it still impossible to change the data type of a variable if an object is using it? And why isn't there some type of cross-reference view that highlights all the instances where a variable is used in an object? Hunting through an HMI program to play find-the-variable-in-the-object is tiresome.

    It's killing me that I can't change from unsigned INT to REAL after I've created almost 100 objects across multiple screens. This has to change. It really does. It's going to take hours of work to delete all the objects, change the data type of the variables, and recreate all the objects. Why is this still a limitation of the C-more software? It's been this way since the EZ-touch days.

    Ryan Poethke

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    Yeah, that is a serious pain. Usually happened to me when I wanted a non-default type and forgot to choose it as such when creating the tag. I thought there was a cross reference, though.


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      Cross Referencing is available, go to Tools> Tag Cross Reference