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EA9: Use bitmap for screen change push button?

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  • EA9: Use bitmap for screen change push button?

    Hello. I have an EA9 with 15 screens. Each screen has a button on the main screen that calls it. I need to convert those buttons (currently shapes) into bitmaps. I've tried putting a transparent screen change PB behind the bitmap, but it seems to be blocked by the bitmap in front (difficult to push).

    Is there a way that I'm missing to do this?

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    What do you mean by 'transparent screen change PB?' -- do you mean that you have a 'Visibility' tag that makes the button disappear? Screen Change Pushbuttons do not have a 'transparency' property.
    A 'Static Bitmap' in front of a Screen Change Pushbutton should NOT hinder the 'press event' of that pushbutton.
    Now, if you placed a 'Bitmap Button' in front of the Screen Change Pushbutton, this would cause issues with the 'press event' getting to the screen change button