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  • Cmore pulldown menu

    Does Cmore have a pulldown menu option? I would like the operator to be able to select from a list of 20 options. I could have a popup window with the choices available become visible when he/she selects this option, but I was hoping for something easier.

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    Not one I have ever seen.


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      Take a look at the "radio Button"


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        I looked at the radio button, but I would of needed to create a separate radio button for each field memory address.

        I created a custom keypad and assigned each field name to a button. This types in an exact field name that I can compare to and I can reuse it for every field entry. I also did not have to assign any memory for the keys, just the text fields.

        I also padded the keys with spaces to fill the entire word so the operator cannot push a second key with 2 shorter field names. Works great in simulate mode.