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  • C-More Valve Open / Close

    The Valve Indicator is looking for An Open Tag and Closed Tag. However, I am only using a single tag to perform that function. A SET/RST or OUT will open/close a relay before the valve that powers ON/OFF the electric valve.

    This new process control system is still in development. Am I designing this all wrong?

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    I think the valve indicator is intended for valves that have a significant operating time where an indication of "in motion" (both "open" and "closed" tags in the same state) could be useful. I think that for your application the "valve indicator" is probably not a very good choice. (I'm not so sure it is a good choice for anything actually, considering how little the help file has to say about it, it seem like just an afterthought that wasn't taken seriously by anyone) Personally I'd just use an "indicator light"


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      That makes perfect sense. Being new to this I was afraid I had made a bad logic design assumption.

      Thank you.