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    I am using the "Screen Capture" event in the Event Manager Data Base. It is triggered on a time event. I email this to my email address. However the screen capture that I receive is 24 hours old. It is not the current information that is on the screen when I select the screen from the panel.
    Does anyone know what I might be doing incorrectly that is causing this? There is no reference to "Screen Capture" in the Help files. I am running version 6.40 of firmware/software on a EA9-T7CL.

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    Make sure your screen capture action and email action are in separate events and trigger them separately.


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      Thanks BobT65. What I actually did after your suggestion is create a separate screen capture event that captured one minute before the hour every hour, thereby updating the .jpg file before this stored file was sent in the original email event. I failed to understand that the captured image that was being sent in the email was not the screen at the time the email was sent but instead was a stored image from the most recent screen capture event. In my case this screen capture was generated when the previous email, and screen capture, event occurred 24 hours prior.