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    Currently I am working on a project that requires two things:

    1. Data log certain values.
    2. Display what is currently being recorded.

    The first part, I just used the do-more FileLog function, but I don't see anyway of pulling info from that function to display while it is recording. I attempted using the c-more, but unfortunately its data logging abilities are limited to using a Line Trend Graph or PID Faceplate Trend Graph. I don't need the graph themselves, I just need the values in a table of some sort.

    Hopefully I made it clear what I need, and I appreciate any suggestions or ideas anyone has.

    Thank you for your time.

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    I would look at using a software package like AdvancedHMI to view the logged items.
    You could also use this software, written in VB.Net and runs on visual studio, to log the data into a database. The method would be different depending on the database format.
    BRX (Do-More Series)

    If you just want to view the information in excel then here is how:

    Hope this helps you out.


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      The log instruction doesn't write to an externally visible element, so the best thing may be do a STRPRINT to build a string similar to what's being logged. C-more can view that string easily.


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        the C-more saves the values of the trend graph on the SD card on a CSV file. i have in the past used the built in FTP server to pull the CSV file and excel to view the raw values and make a graph.

        I am not sure if that will work for you