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    Currently I am working on a project that requires two things:

    1. Data log certain values.
    2. Display what is currently being recorded.

    The first part, I just used the do-more FileLog function, but I don't see anyway of pulling info from that function to display while it is recording. I attempted using the c-more, but unfortunately its data logging abilities are limited to using a Line Trend Graph or PID Faceplate Trend Graph. I don't need the graph themselves, I just need the values in a table of some sort.

    Hopefully I made it clear what I need, and I appreciate any suggestions or ideas anyone has.

    Thank you for your time.

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    I would look at using a software package like AdvancedHMI to view the logged items.
    You could also use this software, written in VB.Net and runs on visual studio, to log the data into a database. The method would be different depending on the database format.
    BRX (Do-More Series)

    If you just want to view the information in excel then here is how:

    Hope this helps you out.


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      The log instruction doesn't write to an externally visible element, so the best thing may be do a STRPRINT to build a string similar to what's being logged. C-more can view that string easily.


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        the C-more saves the values of the trend graph on the SD card on a CSV file. i have in the past used the built in FTP server to pull the CSV file and excel to view the raw values and make a graph.

        I am not sure if that will work for you


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          I managed to find a solution to my issue, and I'm just posting it here just in case someone else has a similar issue. First, I did everything using the C-more software, and like z28z34man stated, you can use the built in FTP server to pull the data logging file out. This fixed the issue of pulling data out remotely without removing the SD card, next came the displaying data live. I ended up creating a .batch file that logged into the ftp server, pulled the file, logged out, and asked the user if they would like to continue recording the data. If the user says yes, it continues, if not, it stops and closes out. However, if the user hasn't entered yes, it assumes you want to continue recording, so it logs in again and repeats the process until the user says no. This works because i noticed that c-more when it records data actually updates the file every few seconds. At this point, I have a .txt file constantly updating, and all thats left to do is open it up in excel and just have excel refresh every minute or so and there we go, a way to not only record the data and pull it out remotely, but also see it live. Hope this helps anyone in the future.