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c-more can't send e-mail over cell modem

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  • c-more can't send e-mail over cell modem

    OK .... I am building a control panel with a PLC (Do-more) BRX) and a HMI touch panel (C-more) The talk to each other via an Ethernet connection.

    They talk to the outside world via a cellular modem (again Ethernet). This works ... they talk to each other and I can remote into them via a static IP address.

    The Touch panel has the capability of sending out e-mails.

    I keep getting an error say : RTE-041: Email connection error:

    So, my best guess is that I have set the panel up correctly and it is trying to send out an e-mail but he cellular modem is not letting it go through.

    So, I tried an IPv4 rule .... public port 465, private 465 ... then 8465 / 465 .... still nothing.

    Then I found the SMTP area of the modem ... I tried to enter "" but get an error saying "invalid IP address

    Is there a number address ( for the yahoo mail server?

    Anything else I should look at or try?

    I have included a few screen shots of the HMI software (email client settings) and the router (could not put in the settings gave an error).

    Thanks .... Mike

    PS ... I am dumb as dirt and know nothing about networking and modems except what I have read in the past week.
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    First thoughts:

    If you are sending emails via the Panel, then the cellular modem SMTP settings do not matter those look like they would be for the cellular modem to send emails.

    I am guessing the cellular modem does not have a DNS setting. If so, then that is why it needs an IP Address instead of a URL.

    If you do not have DNS and Default Gateway setup in the C-more then C-more will not know what means either. The default Gateway seems like it would be the IP Address of the modem since it is your router. Unless you have another router between the panel and the internet. But I am assuming lot not knowing your network setup.

    Good default DNS settings are Google DNS, primary and secondary

    To trace the IP Address of Yahoo mail, enter tracert in the command line on your PC and you will get But this could change anytime, thus the needs for URL's and DNS.

    Reading some Yahoo sites, it seems that in the C-more setup port 465 with SSL checked should work.


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      So BobT65 .... do you feel like visiting VT for a week or so?

      You are exactly correct on everything! ... no router (dumb switch) ... default gateway is IP of the modem ... learned about ports and forwarding them (the :8080 > 80 still confuses me a bit but it works) ....

      Can you tell this is the first time I have ever touched a cell modem (heck I don't even own a smart phone) or a C-more panel ...

      I wanted to make sure I can get everything the client wants working (invested about $3k so far) before I spend another $10K to complete the panel. It took me almost two weeks just to get the modem setup (did know enough to get a static IP).

      Since the IP will change, if I can get the DNS setting correct, will "" work (so that it will stay that way forever)? I would thing I "need" to do this since the client will not want to change the IP from time to time ... he would not even know it changed till he figured out he is not getting his daily e-mail (the panel needs to send an e-mail once a day with the total flow from the day before). The panel will be 800 miles away from me in NC

      Here are three screen shots....

      One is of the c-more software .... is this where I enter the and ?

      The other two are of places I found DNS setting inside the modem. Do I need to put anything here?

      I appreciate the help!!!!!!!!!!

      I have built local control panels for this client (I am just a one man shop) for almost 30 years ... now he needs one for a remote site. The panel and PLC are talking and I can access the c-more via the web (cell modem and the software they supply). I just need to get this e-mail straight and I am good to go.

      Thanks again .... Mike

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        WOW .... IT WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Did nothing to the modem ... made a new gmail account ... put int he and into the c-more and hit send!!!!!!!!!

        Now I just need to 1) figure out how to set the time automatically (like from some kind of server) .... 2) Figure out how to use the interrupt timer in the BRX plc (I am using the plc as a totalizer .. if I don't get a sample at an exact time .. say every second ... it would ever second plus what ever time it takes to get from where it is in the program back to the timer) ... and 3) how to use the event timer so I can send an e-mail once a day (someone explained this in another post to me ... but I got sidetracked on getting the e-mail to work).

        Thanks so very much again!!!!!!!!!!!!