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  • How to make graphics

    How to make custom graphics for screens. I have an autoclave steamer I want to draw it and put on the screen how is this done never done it before I have just kinda gotten into the programing game and trying to learn new stuff been doing it about 2 yrs now our main guy left the company and I have been trying to step up my game. Thanks Have an ea9 series HMI and p2-550 plc

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    If your idea of the graphic is simple enough, you can use paint, gimp, paint3d.....
    In cmore, use a bitmap tool. apply transparency where/if you want/need add controls (buttons,numbers,text,lights) see what you can do.
    If you export to object, you can (somewhat) easily reuse in other projects.
    I posted a solo9696 object here a few weeks ago.

    Give it a shot. Show your work. You may inspire others to build/post more.

    [PS] I got the base image from the Solo documentation, pasted into paint, cleaned up (most) of the junk pixels around the edges, added transparent areas.
    Paint doesn't directly support transparency for .bmp, but cmore will interpret your chosen color as transparent.(you choose transparent color at object configuration time.) I normally pick a magenta-ish color for transparent in paint, then also in cmore.
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      Is this what you want to do?

      Object List>Library Tab click the first folder in the little toolbar, Add Graphic to Library.

      Help Topic CM243.


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        Hey, BobT, that is one thing that I forgot how to describe!

        Where I had If you export to object, use what Bob has indicated.