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Clearing Numeric Entry

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  • Clearing Numeric Entry

    I use the Smaller C-MOREs all the time. They have one abhorrent issue I'm trying to solve.
    When one goes to a numeric entry button on the screen the entry opens with the last entry which is in complete disagreement with every other numeric entry one ever runs in to. This causes lots or errors and complaints by customers faced with this.

    Is there a setting or a can you suggest a method that results in the numeric entry window coming up correctly cleared or not cleared but automatically cleared the instant a new entry begins?

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    That's a check box setting in the Panel Manager.


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      !!!! Thanks VERY much. You made my day with that tip. I see it.


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        Originally posted by OpZed View Post
        That's a check box setting in the Panel Manager.
        I have the same problem, but can't find a check box. What is it labeled?
        I found Panel Manager right under Settings on the main menu. There are boxes for General, Default Frame Style, Project Storage/Boot Location, Alarm, and Log, none of which appear to relate to numeric entry.
        Also, along the left, in Navigation, Function tab, it shows Setup at top, Panel Manager right below, but clicking or highlighting that doesn't do anything.

        I feel like an idiot, because if there is a check box, I sure can't figure it out. EA9 using C-More v6.52.

        Please, smarter people than me, please educate me!


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          The checkbox is only for C-more Micro (EA1 and EA3), regular C-more (EA7 and EA9) default behavior is that the entry is cleared upon editing. What actual object type are you using?