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Click PLC to EZ Automation HMI communication issues

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  • Click PLC to EZ Automation HMI communication issues

    Working with a Click PLC C0-02DD1-D and a EZ Automation HMI EZ3-T6C-E and having a little communication issue i haven't been able to resolve. The first is a PLC Timeout banner flashing in the upper left corner. My PLC settings on the HMI match my port 2 settings on the PLC and I'm using the RS232 to RJ 12 cable from automation direct. Help guide on the HMI suggest upping the baud rate but I originally started out maxed out at 38400, also suggest adjusting the registers per minute and/or coils per minute, made no difference. My timeout time is currently 1, had to lower this to 1 in order to get immediate response out out of my touch screen buttons I created.

    Second issue which might be related to the first, on this program I have a vacuum generator equipped with a analog pressure switch. On my PLC i can turn on the vacuum generator and watch the pressure fluctuate based upon different scenarios as it should be doing. I would like to get these readings to display on my HMI using the meter option. When I go to set up the tag on the HMI it matches the PLC address that the pressure readings can be seen at on the PLC program but I cant get the readings to show up on my HMI. Also HMI does turn on and off the vacuum generator so I know I have some communication between the two.

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    I am not knowledgeable about EZ Automation, but this is a hunch:

    Are you creating your tags for the HMI in the EZ Automation software? Or exporting your tags from Click for import into EZ Automation?

    It's better to export tags from Click for import into HMI software, otherwise address type mismatch can occur, and my guess is this is your issue.
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