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Remote viewing of machine function

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  • Remote viewing of machine function

    We use a 205 PLC (250-1 with Ethernet module) and EA9 screen for our line of large rack and cage washing machines (used in vivariums). We use Ethernet comm and a Stride switch. The HMI displays the progress of the cycle as it runs, including programmed choices the operator has made, count-down times, etc. A customer wants to be able to observe the status of the unit from a remote location, over his LAN, "as if he were watching the HMI". I cannot see how to do this, without simply providing a remote HMI screen connected through his LAN. I would appreciate any thoughts from a more experienced user. THanks

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    There are apps available for C-more from Apple, Google Play and Amazon. Or if they want to do it from a PC; see software help topic CM508
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