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Issues Uploading tagdata base from productivity suite .csv file

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  • Issues Uploading tagdata base from productivity suite .csv file

    I am currently using a c-more HMI, panel type EA9-T7CL-R, with a p3-550 CPU as a PLC. Until recently I have not had any issue updating the tag database on the c-more software. Now I cannot import the tag database without receiving the error:

    Error GUI-185 : Import File is already opened or corrupted. Please check the file and import again.

    I have verified that the file is closed, and I do not believe that the file is corrupt, as I have tried creating a new project with only a few tags to import and received the same error. I have also placed all files in the same location in case the firewall was an issue. Does anyone know how to resolve this?

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    something exported from the p3 that the ea9 software doesnt like. open the csv in notepad, might be easier to spot


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      Did you open the .csv file in excel? if so, is excel closed -- not just the .csv, but excel itself.
      It seems that some versions of excel didn't correctly release the file. (observational experience)


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        So, I opened it in notepad, but did not see any issues. That being said, I do not know exactly what I am looking for.

        I verified that all instances of excel are closed. I also attempted to open it on a coworker's computer and found that I am able to import just fine. I do not know what other software may be using the file and unfortunately I cannot keep grabbing coworkers whenever I need to update. If it helps, I am using version 6.43 of the c-more software and 3.5.1 of productivity suite.