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Saved Screen Not Properly Displayed after Firmware Update to 6.42

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  • Saved Screen Not Properly Displayed after Firmware Update to 6.42

    I have a Screen sending an E-mail in the AM after a Process Sanitation Procedure.. it E-mails 3 Screen Captures displaying a Temperature Graph, A pressure graph and a Test Summary Screen of when it Auto Started and When it Stopped..

    This System has been running for about 3 years with no real issues.. Last week ( Or So ) I needed to change a Hard Limited Parameter for Numeric Entry.. the Software was running something like 6.1.. I don't remember.. I had to Update the Panel to my Version of 6.42 to get into it and make the Keyboard Entry limit change. I stuffed it all back in and went on my way..

    The People that actually look at the E-Mails started Complaining.. The E-mailed Text Display is 'Blurry'.. and has stayed Blurry from that day onward.. the two Graphs that are send are fine..

    Here is a sample of the Before Firmware Update, and After..


    Click image for larger version

Name:	Before.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	After.jpg
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ID:	124516

    I see an Update avalable to go to 6.43, but the Text Notes do not list anything on Fix of Display as a bug Fix..


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    It looks like 6.40 "Added Screen Capture Quality setting in Event Manager". I bet that got set to something low.


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      try delaying the actual send for a bit. give the HMI processor time to correctly render the screen
      recent thread

      Mmmmm BobT. that seems plausible
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        I just pulled my Copy of the Screen as Changed last time I was in.. ( On 7-29 )..

        The First two Screens were being saved as 80% Quality.. the Third Screen ( My Text Screen ) was set at 20%.. I'll change it after the Machine is Off Line this Evening..

        Strange that the First two Screens Defaulted to 80% Quality after the Software Update, and the Third Screen Defaulted to 20%..

        Thanks for the Heads Up..