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C-more version 6.43 not seeing ML1400 over Ethernet

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  • C-more version 6.43 not seeing ML1400 over Ethernet

    I recently installed C-more version 6.43 on the PC. I left the old 6.20 version on the PC. When I try to send the project to the C-more panel over Ethernet using 6.43, it does not see the panel and locks up. I have to end the program using task manager. I can ping the panel with no problem. Any idea what is causing this?

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    After installing 6.42, did you get a dialog asking how to allow this software to access networks? If yes, how did you answer?
    In one of the TRANSFER sub-dialogs, do you have the correct network selected? [Project Transfer. Ethernet Connection Setup] from the [Browse] button


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      Hello, I did not see the dialog about access to networks. I can still use the old version and it works just fine. Thanks


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        I'm confused, is C-more Software not seeng the C-more panel or is your C-more panel not seeing the ML1100? C-more software cannot see an Allen Bradley ML1100 in any version.