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EA-9 and DH+ Connectivity

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  • EA-9 and DH+ Connectivity

    I hope someone here has run into this issue with these panels:

    We are in the process of migrating our plant off of DH+ to ENET/ip. The first step will be to replace 9 HMI's (PVP's...hate em!). I'm evaluating different panels and am currently working with the new EA-9 15".

    Until our migration is complete I need an HMI that will talk to two PLC-5's and one SLC 5/04 via DH+. The PV's and our even older Panelviews could do this without issue.

    I'm trying to use a 'bridge' from the serial port on the CMORE to a 1771-KF2 with no success. Has anyone ever done this successfully?

    My other option would be to use the CMORE ethernet interface to hit a 1756-DHRIO card in a CLX bridge... but I'm not finding an option for that in the software.

    Any help on this would be appreciated. Essentially I need the panel to talk to these three older controllers via DH+ until migration has been completed.

    Thanks for the assistance!


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    No specific guidance other than to say that it should be possible with a KF2 so long as the C-MORE has a sufficiently flexible DF1 driver. I don't use C-MORE's, but I've done that before with PCs and serial MMI's.

    You could also try another DF1 to DH+ bridge from Datalink, or a DH+ to-almost-anything bridge from Prosoft, even Modbus.


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      I am working on nearly the same thing -- replacing PV1400s with 'something' -- tried EA7-T15.
      My problem is the amount of data required on a couple screens will clog the DF1 and cause the screen to *crawl*

      Bridging.. I am unfamiliar with 1771-KE.
      I used a SLC-5/04 as a DH+/DF1 bridge - with 1770-KF2/1785-KE/SCANPort as the DF1 [Device:] - and NO Auto-Configure
      I was unsuccessful trying to connect multiple AB nodes to Cmore.

      Currently, I am looking at another supplier's product which supports DH+.
      It is significantly higher, but that is likely the RS/A-B DH+ licensing cost.