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Cutting up an ASCII String?

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  • Cutting up an ASCII String?

    Is there a way to split up an ASCII input? I have a barcode scanner which sends a string of 40 characters to the panel (EA9-T6CL). I would like to split the data up and place them in individual boxes. For instance, right now when the barcode is scanned I get a ton of data which I have placed in a style 2 text entry box. The first eight characters are the part number, the following 6 characters are the date manufactured, the following 6 are the manufactured time, the next character is the line, the next two are the pallet, and the last 6 are something else. All of this is one long run-on string of data. I would like to have a box of 8 characters labeled Part Number with just those 8, another box labeled Date Manufactured with just those 6 characters, and so on and so on. Is it possible to extract a specific section of an ASCII string?

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    youll need to do that in a plc