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C-More remote issue

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  • C-More remote issue

    Have the C-more setup for remote access and port forwarded as per the standard. Issue: when I visit the IP I get the standard webserver page. I download the file for through router, save and open it. Installs fine. When I open the file it reads until the timeout and displays "Panel Timeout error".

    I have had perfect luck using the panels over an intranet but this is first attempt at over the web. Have tried this every which way I can think of but cannot get a different response. Any ideas?

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    Make sure that you have entered the correct gateway address into the Cmore, or it will download the wrong information to the remote access application.

    BTW: You can edit the name of the downloaded application to change the IP, and port that it uses to communicate with the panel.
    Example: RemoteHMI_IP=[].exe here you can see the IP is, and the port is 11102.
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      I am having hte same problem the strange thing is that the android app works great and if i am on the same network it works also. If am at my house useing my pc it does not. any more help that would be great