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Cmore (EA7) paring objects

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  • Cmore (EA7) paring objects

    I am curious. I noticed that the software/hardware deleted some 'future' objects from a screen from my EA7 (2.78SP2) project.

    I dragged the objects to the side as a group of groups.
    Later, I noticed that half of the grouped objects were missing. There was an empty group where these objects should have been.

    I am not asking for any fix, just an understanding of what event, trigger causes any objects that are not in the runtime-visible area to be pared from the project.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	pared objects.png Views:	0 Size:	16.7 KB ID:	125440
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    I tried to replicate your issue but got halted at "group of groups". The groups only go one level deep. If you have the same findings, it could be the show/hide flag in the Object Layer List.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SharedScreenshot.jpg
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ID:	125675
    I use the "out of bounds" area a lot and have never lost anything there, but I do love a good mystery. I hope you find a solution.


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      I don't think that V2.78 has the Object Layer List.
      This is the first time that I recall losing anything in the 'out of bounds' area. I also use it a lot.
      Thank you for looking.

      re:grouped group
      i can do 2 level grouping. I do not recall any issue doing so. I don't recall trying a deeper grouping.


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        Well there I go not reading again. I was indeed using a newer version (EA9). I was able to group groups, but it just became one new group. I couldn't find a way to separate the group into it's subgroups. Sorry I was literally no help. As you were.