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C-more (EA9) keeps looking for SD card on boot

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  • C-more (EA9) keeps looking for SD card on boot

    Hi, I have a C-more EA9 which keeps showing an "sd card not found, click to ignore" popup on boot. It waits there for someone to press ignore and does not start the program. I would like to disable it.

    -Checked all trends to make sure they are not set to write to SD
    -Checked all alarms to make sure they are not writing to SD card

    But the popup still persists. Is there anything am I missing?

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    Lookup Text object, Message Database, Multistate Text Indicator, Screen Capture Event Manager Action.

    All of these have logging.


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      In the Setup > Panel Manager there is a section fro Project Storage/Boot Location.
      You could try and change the Save to/Boot from: to Panel Built-in-FLASH.

      It most likely is set to Auto which should work in most cases but maybe not this one.