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  • Click with EA7

    Hello all,

    I have a system with several DL-06's connected to an Cmore EA7 via ethernet. Recently I had to replace a DL-06 with a Click, I have been struggling with getting these two communicating. I am questioning if it is even possible? Can somebody point me in the correct direction.

    Thanks in advance

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    Use Modbus/TCP for ethernet.
    Clicks address picker can show you the coil/register addresses to use in cmore


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      Thanks for responding. When I try to create a new tag name in the cmore software using the click setup for Modbus/TCP ethernet, it only gives my a choice for memory type 3 or 4 and it will not accept an address. For example I try to enter DF3 using either memory type 3 or 4 and I receive an invalid address error.


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        That is normal. 3 or4 is normal for reading a register from a modbus device.
        Now, go into CLICK->AddressPicker, find the address you need. Select Display Modbus Address. Choose (.) MODBUS 984 Addressing
        (i.e. DF3 =modbus register address 428677)
        Put that modbus register number in CMore's Address field.
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          I got it, and really appreciate the help.