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triggered handheld barcode scanner stops working

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  • triggered handheld barcode scanner stops working

    I have a USB barcode scanner that has stopped responding twice since June.
    It is plugged into the USB port of an EA7-T8C.
    I unplugged/replugged the scanner both times to recover.
    Does this indicate that the USB port is getting overloaded and recovers when the scanner is unplugged - thus a failing scanner or cabling? (this is my guess)
    Or, does it indicate a failing of the HMI?
    I am attempting to locate another scanner to try to determine which device is at fault.

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    I'm my experience with scanners and other brands of displays, it's always been the display for me but who knows. I'm not a fan of USB anything lately. Maybe you could try isolating the USB port? I know there are a few USB1.1 isolation units out there. Might be a noise issue.


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      Thanks. I did replace the scanner with a Symbol-branded unit. I guess we'll see.