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Can't connect through USB on C-More EA9-T10WCL

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  • Can't connect through USB on C-More EA9-T10WCL

    Hello first post!

    I have a C-More EA9-T10WCL that I am trying to download a program to through the USB programming port but I can't seem to get my laptop to communicate with the HMI through the programming software. (HMI Software isn't recognizing the HMI through USB)

    Page 8-10 of the "EA9-USER-M Hardware User Manual, 1st Ed. Rev. J" seems to indicate that although the HMI is plugged in via USB it should show up under windows device manager as a network adapter.

    Page 8-12 of the same user manual then seems to contradicts itself and Quote:

    "With the C-more panel connected to the PC, on the PC, open Control Panel--> System -->Hardware tab --> Device manager. Next expand “Universal Serial Bus controllers”. The C-more driver is named C-more HMI as shown below" End Quote

    So my first question is, when plugged in via USB should the HMI show up as a network device or a USB device?

    I've swapped hard drives with other laptops and the problem follows the hard drive so its probably a configuration issue. I've reinstalled the C-More software as well as the USB driver with no improvement.

    Any hints!?

    Many thanks.

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    It will be a network device. Most common issue is Windows Firewall blocking it.
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