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Can't connect through USB on C-More EA9-T10WCL

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  • Can't connect through USB on C-More EA9-T10WCL

    Hello first post!

    I have a C-More EA9-T10WCL that I am trying to download a program to through the USB programming port but I can't seem to get my laptop to communicate with the HMI through the programming software. (HMI Software isn't recognizing the HMI through USB)

    Page 8-10 of the "EA9-USER-M Hardware User Manual, 1st Ed. Rev. J" seems to indicate that although the HMI is plugged in via USB it should show up under windows device manager as a network adapter.

    Page 8-12 of the same user manual then seems to contradicts itself and Quote:

    "With the C-more panel connected to the PC, on the PC, open Control Panel--> System -->Hardware tab --> Device manager. Next expand “Universal Serial Bus controllers”. The C-more driver is named C-more HMI as shown below" End Quote

    So my first question is, when plugged in via USB should the HMI show up as a network device or a USB device?

    I've swapped hard drives with other laptops and the problem follows the hard drive so its probably a configuration issue. I've reinstalled the C-More software as well as the USB driver with no improvement.

    Any hints!?

    Many thanks.

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    It will be a network device. Most common issue is Windows Firewall blocking it.
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      I had the same problem, after we had a Microsoft Security update installed on Friday night. I called AD Tech Support, and he came back with needing to deactivate the Public Firewall. That worked, but I hope there's a solution coming that won't require that.


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        If win10 you go to firewall settings and click allow apps through firewall scroll to find C-More, I just went thru this same thing new laptop installing Cmore(it worked with old CMore 2.78), did reinstall did driver reinstall, no luck then thought of firewall, did allow app on firewall settings, problem solved, only has to be done once not each time you run CMore