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EA9-T12CL Touch Screen Glass Replacement

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  • EA9-T12CL Touch Screen Glass Replacement

    Ok, so I talked my company into using the CMore because I have never had one fail. Well just out of the two year warranty mine seems to have failed. It was really only in use for 1 year. Bought it and developed the program ahead of one of two lines that had potential failures and we put it on the shelf for a year. One was a Siemens the other was an AB. Anyhow, normally, I would just send it in an get the 20% off of a new one, however that is still $1500. I don't want to go to the owners and ask for that kind of money to fix something I talked them into.

    That being said, has anyone ever replaced the Touch Screen Glass. I have found one at Radwell for like under $300. Does anyone know where to get a replacement any cheaper.

    Radwell link below.