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C-more EA9-T8CL V630: Internal Tags Get Set After Power Outages

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  • C-more EA9-T8CL V630: Internal Tags Get Set After Power Outages

    The project has several internal tags allowing the user to shut off various nodes when the corresponding machine is shut down for service. The tag format is %NodeName_DISABLE% with retentive set to true. Each of these tags is assigned to a unique toggle configured pushbutton and there are no other instances of the tag in the project (including Event Manager). On several occasions one or more of these tags, which were reset at the time of a power outage, have become set when the power is restored. All the obvious precautions of grounding, filtering and power restoration delay have been taken. I realize the firmware is not the latest version but I would like to get my ducks in a row before booking a flight just to upgrade firmware. Thanks.

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    My opinion: If you are not using an EA-AC power supply, consider using it for this type of application. According the EA9 User manual, the EA-AC has additional power fail features that will, most likely, be important for retentive memory.
    I think that most HMI applications don't need to consider this because they are usually relying on the state of the data in the PLC to set the object states.


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      Thanks, sounds worth a try.


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        Are we sure that someone hasn't touched the SET button for the node disable tags?
        I'm using some (ea7) disables. Not comparing ea7 and e9, but I've not seen this (yet!)
        Is the screen with these buttons pw protected?
        It is possible that the button was pressed two weeks ago and it is only noticed after a power cycle - that is when the tag value initiates the node disable. Until a power cycle, the tags do not disable the nodes.


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          That seems like a viable scenario. It matches the fact that the problem was noticed because "None of the [Text Boxes] are saying anything."