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  • C-More Message Box cleared notification

    Is there a way to set a bit when the OK button is pressed on an Event-triggered message box on a C-More?

    I like the ability to log an alarm and trigger a message box upon an event. However, I would like to have a PLC output (for a buzzer) to remain on until the user presses OK on the message box. If I'm just missing something simple I can avoid creating my own message boxes.

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    The Actions in the Action Sequence List are, well... sequential. So, you could have a Tag action (action #1) that sets a bit variable for your buzzer, then Message Box (action #2), and finally TAG action (action #3) reset the bit variable for your buzzer. The transition from action #2 to action #3 shouldn't happen until the OK button is pressed on the message box. Bear with me as I am suggesting this from memory. I am not currently in front of a C-More panel to test this.